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How You Can Select the Right Baby Car Seat

How You Can Select the Right Baby Car Seat

The majority of carrycots can, in fact, be attached to stroller frames to walk baby thanks to the duo / trio pack system or Travel System. Unlike a cozy, the carrycot can also occasionally serve as a cot during the first weeks or to sleep baby with friends or on vacation. Nevertheless playard with bassinet, although they offer undeniable comfort to your baby, the carrycots have a very limited use in time. They do not provide sufficient support and a level of safety for long journeys in the car as a cozy baby can guarantee. Apart from the very recent Jade carrycot, the first carrycot to be i-Size approved, which obtained excellent results in crash tests, very few models guarantee a level of safety equivalent to a cozy one.

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The Cozy One

The cozy baby, also called a shell, is a real baby car seat suitable for babies from birth to around 12 months (up to approx. 87 cm or 13 kg max). Unlike the carrycot, the child is installed in a semi-lying position. This is why it cannot be used as a bed under any circumstances. The cozy baby is designed to securely hold the child attached using a 3 or 5 point harness. The cozy is always positioned back to the road and can be installed on the rear seats of the vehicle or on the front passenger seat, taking care to deactivate the airbag baby journey blog. The cozy baby is then held in the seat using the seat belt or an ISOFIX base. As with the carrycot, the cozy can also be attached to a stroller frame in order to easily transport baby outside the car without waking him up. Finally, the cozy baby is the mode of transport that ensures maximum safety and comfort for your car trips with baby.

Car Seats for Children (from 6 months to 4 years old)

The second age car seats are intended for children from around 6 months to 4 years old (up to approx. 105 cm or max. 18 kg). These seats are designed to be both rearward facing and forward facing when the child is old enough. The child’s support is then ensured by a 5-point harness and / or an impact shield. The seat is attached to the vehicle with or without a base using the ISOFIX attachment system or the seat belt.

Before the age of 10/12 years (100 cm to 150 cm or 36 kg max.), Your child cannot yet be properly restrained by the vehicle seat belt without being exposed to serious injury in the event of accident. The booster allows the child to be raised so that the vehicle’s 3-point belt is positioned correctly at shoulder and pelvis height. Since 2017, booster seats approved i-Size (R129) , intended for children over 100 cm must be equipped with a backrest to ensure better protection of the child’s head and neck in the event of a collision. However, backless booster seats can still be used by children over 125 cm and 22 kg.

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Evolutive Car Seats

The car seats scalable adapt to the growth of your baby. They allow you to keep and use the baby car seat longer since they transform to follow your child’s growth. This type of car seat is mainly found in groups 0 + / 1 (from birth to 105 cm or 18 kg), group 1/2/3 (from 75 cm to 150 cm or from 9 to 36 kg), group 2 / 3 (from 100 cm to 150 cm or from 15 to 36 kg) or even now for groups 0 + / 1/2/3 (from birth to 150 cm or 36 kg). Despite their undeniable advantage in terms of cost, they are less well suited to each age group than specific models. It will be preferable, for example, to invest in a cozy baby, which will be much more adapted to the morphology of a baby for his first months.

AVG Box Anti-Virus 2012 3U Reviews

AVG Box Anti-Virus 2012 3U Reviews

People are always in the search of an Anti-Virus that removes all types of computer viruses, especially when they very frequently have to lose some extremely important data due to malfunctioning of the one they are using cryptocurrency web design. Though there is some freeware, what you will find with freeware is the inability to catch all viruses and making the computer slow in processing. AVG Box Anti- Virus 2012 3U is one of the latest updates of this software and you sure will be glad after trying it for once. This certainly is the best that you may have ever come across.

My Review Of AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012

Product Features

There are some wonderful features that you do not find in any other similar application and free shipping is one of these New AVG Box Anti- Virus 2012 3U comes in the form of antivirus plus PC tune-up and you will be glad to know that this product has won prizes for performance.  One of the problems with virus scanning is it slows the processing speed.  New AVG is quite smart and to your astonishment, it cleans the system when it is not being used. Those who need to surf a lot and visit hundreds of websites to gather data will find it pretty useful. Surfing the internet without a security measure is dangerous. AVG Box Anti- Virus 2012 3U is quite effective as far as web surfing and exchange of files are concerned. Even before you download a file, the antivirus suggests if it is clean and safe for usage or not.

Technical Specification

Now, here is the tech part of AVG Box Anti- Virus 2012 3U and some of the blistering features that you will experience extremely useful.

 It is an Anti-virus, anti-Malware, Anti Spyware that even protects networks. Even though many people, do not have a personal network, but it does clean the whole network too. The auto-fix button makes it too simple to use. LinkScanner Search and Surf-Shield guides and protects even before clicking a link. Social networking security allows you to share and enjoy without worrying about the virus.

AVG Antivirus Review 2021: Is AVG Worth and Safe to Use?


Restoring your personal computer with PC tune-up makes it keep performance lever on the higher side. Computers with so much use of external devices are used to crash quite frequently and when searched over the internet, you will find it to be because of some undetected virus in all operating systems.  AVG Box Anti- Virus 2012 3U has completely changed the way people use their PC, as it has just stopped freezing because of regular cleaning of the hard drive. 


Turning from a full of hassle experience of using computers to a smooth and safe one is quite amazing and all credit goes to AVG Box Anti- Virus 2012 3U. You can now enjoy all resources of my computer and can also surf freely on the internet because of the performance till now. It is fast, effective against viruses, and most importantly it provides complete protection including internet and social networking security that everyone will consider as a rare feature.

Importance of digital signage in retail marketing

Nowadays, marketing plays a major role in making more customers for your business. Actually, retail marketing is the process of bringing the actual products directly to the customers in the retail store. Therefore it involves promoting and planning to get a clear idea of the respected product. In this way, digital signage is the digital board engaging the visitors through innovative demonstrations and collaborative presentations to attract the customers. This digital signage consists of custom visual content and interactive display. So that it gives actionable insights and proper business results to the retail marketing store. This digital signage solution malaysia is a use of technology such as LCD and LED projections to the images and videos by gathering all possible information. These digital boards can be placed anywhere such as malls, exhibitions, retail stores, restaurants, etc. the help of this board is to explore the respected product quickly and gives a clear idea to the potential customers. It is a selection criterion for technology. The costs are much more difficult to determine because the services vary so widely in what’s offered and the business models that they represent. The most obvious way to think about this is to look at the two highest open-ended costs of the network content creation and network management.

Easy Life with Smart Technology

Interactive digital board for your business 

By hiring a digital signage board, the customers are getting completely attached to the product. It acts as a customer’s point and allows them to choose the product completely. The most common digital boards are digital signs are video screens that display information through custom text, videos, animations, and graphics. It also gives an impressive modern appearance to the business products. So you can go forward and help the customers with keeping up with the latest technology. Digital signage can be updated instantaneously to display the latest offers and prices or promoted items. Content already created for Web, mobile, TV, or other media can be reused or easily repurposed in order to ensure consistency and reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining content. The primary difference between physical and online retail is the ability to talk to an actual person, face to face, so direct customer contact is essential to building the relationship between the customer and the brand. Using digital signs in a real context actually changes the human contact between customers and staff.


Benefits of digital signboard 

  • It gives the dealer a better sales option by a large colorful display.
  • It can be reduced the importance of staff’s needs and costs.
  • it also gives better customer service to address common questions raised by the
  • brand awareness by, making innovative use of technology with online built customers to talk about the product
  • Increase in the number of sales by developing more products.  
  • It’s proven to work all over the world, from India to Europe. 


Therefore touch screen solution digital signage is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to deliver a unified experience that combines both physical and digital aspects. Modern digital signage solutions have a lot to offer retailers and their customers.