5 Initiatives To Help Young People Without A Diploma Find A Job

The professional integration of young people without a diploma is often long, complicated and precarious. Here are 5 initiatives that deserve to be known by these young unqualified candidates.

Second chance schools

The most recent was inaugurated on June 30, 2017 in Normandy, at Hérouville Saint-Clair. “The national network is continuing,” says AlexandreSchajer, President of the E2C France Network. In one year our network has grown from 110 to 118 school sites. Last year, these e2cs welcomed nearly 15,000 young people aged 16 to 25 without qualifications with the aim of finding them a lasting solution for social, civic and professional integration. 84% did not have a CAP / BEP validated or employment. 62% had no experience and 10% were job seekers for over a year. To apply, all you have to do is contact the school closest to you to define which course is possible . The success rate posted after support was 62% in 2016 . These are individualized courses with remuneration of around € 300 per month funded by the Region. The average journey lasts six and a half months .

“Many candidates, and young people in particular, can benefit from sometimes unsuspected measures.”

Youth guarantee

Last year, 100,000 young people aged 16 to under 26 were able to take advantage of it. “Many candidates, and young people in particular, can benefit from sometimes unsuspected measures”, observes Laurence Boulieu, author of the book Employment, I believe! . This advisor at Pôleemploi regularly directs the profiles that she supports towards innovative systems. The youth guarantee , for example, makes it possible to support young people in very precarious situations towards employment or training. It is a specific modality of the contractualized support path towards employment and autonomy (PACEA). To apply, you must contact the local mission of your place of residence because, to implement it,. This system allows young people in a very precarious situation on the labor market to benefit for one year in intensive collective support and immersion in a company . It also includes financial assistance of € 472 per month.

School 42

Everyone snatched their first promotion even before they left school . “Almost all of the 850 students were overwhelmed by proposals during their training”, rejoices Nicolas Sadirac, director general and co-founder of school 42. In another genre, this alternative training in computer science, completely free, is accessible to 18-30 years old, whatever their level of qualification. The only condition: be passionate about computers and self-taught . In this school, open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, no teacher or timetable . “It’s a teaching method that’s totally different from anything done elsewhere. Our students work in collaborative mode, in peer-to-peer, and are thus constantly trained in real time in new technologies. »We register and take the first selection tests on the school site.


Since their creation in 2005, the Epide (establishment for integration into employment) have trained nearly 30,000 young people. This organization now has 19 centers, the most recent of which opened in Toulouse in April 2017. “There is a wide variety of training courses of different inspiration, especially for young people,” continues Laurence Boulieu. Here, the originality of the device is based on multidisciplinary teams that guarantee the volunteer comprehensive support (education and citizenship advisers, monitors, general education and IT trainers, etc.) and take place in a military-inspired setting. , based in particular on week boarding and learning to live in a community. Last year, nearly 3,500 volunteers were hosted in one of its establishments, with a success rate of 52.2%. The average stay lasts eight months and young people receive € 300 per month.

Adapted and voluntary military service

In the same spirit, first launched overseas in 1961, the ADM (adapted military service) has already supported nearly 6,000 young people removed from the labor market towards employment last year. The SMV (voluntary military service) which is inspired by it is already offered on four sites in metropolitan France (and will be on six at the end of the year) and is aimed at young dropouts aged 18 to 25. The training then lasts between six and twelve months with compensation of € 315 per month, but above all with the development of a professional project, according to the local employment pools and according to needs, and under the supervision of soldiers.

Importance of digital signage in retail marketing

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Easy Life with Smart Technology

Interactive digital board for your business 

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Benefits of digital signboard 

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Young People From Neighborhoods: Variables For Adjusting The Economic Situation

Young people from priority neighborhoods are not the only ones to constitute variables for adjusting economic conditions, it is all young people who are affected by this phenomenon, the integration professionals whom we have met in the framework of the investigation insisted on this point.

These are possible effects of globalization in the journey of young people, as it intensifies competition by making capital and labor more and more mobile. This in turn forces businesses and national economies to constantly adjust to these changing conditions. Increased competition pushes companies to innovate and create more new products, which in turn increases market instability. Growing uncertainty in economic forecasts then becomes commonplace.

This has consequences for the employment strategies of companies, especially with regard to young people who enter the labor market without experience or seniority. Most young people have no connection with the business world, organizations and the productive environment. Thus, they expose themselves to increasing flexibility in their employment conditions, even if these effects of globalization are filtered by institutional arrangements.

Also, we see that young people suffer more from market fluctuations than adults. They have a lot to do with temporary employment and are also overrepresented in low-paid jobs.

In this context, as we have explained, education and professional experience constitute the decisive elements of human capital, in other words the best weapons of protection against these instabilities of the economic system. Young people who have a low level of education and little or no professional experience (s) are the young people most affected by the effects of globalization and they will have a high probability of experiencing precarious jobs. . Conversely, those who have a strong academic capital and professional experience will use it to move towards stable employment. This is how social inequalities, consequences of the level of education, between young people will continue to grow.

From this perspective, employment is a means and not an end. This approach is important to integrate into the analysis, insofar as it inevitably transforms the relationship of young people to job search. This will be less oriented towards the search for personal fulfillment and self-fulfillment through a project built and desired over the long term than a desire for income with a view to financial independence and development. ‘a need to integrate the consumer society.

This relation to income helps to explain the specific temporalities of these young people: integration professionals observe that they are much less patient in the job search. Their desire to invest a job right away is great and must be taken into account in any support process.

Also, professionals analyze the difficulty of professional integration as a will, deliberate or unconscious, of certain young people to postpone taking responsibility until later. This is an explanatory factor that we found in all the cities. The “click”, or trigger, of which we spoke above, which corresponds, through awareness, to the need to effect a conversion from one environment to another – from youth to the adult world, from student to professional, from “galérien” to the inserted … – occurs more and later. There are many explanations for this: lack of “baggage”, of networks, etc.…